How to Clean and Maintain Terrazzo Tiles

There are a couple of dimensions we can take to look at terrazzo tiles. There is the aspect of identifying the excellent terrazzo tiles, why you need a professional tiler to fix your floor and wall, and other exciting topics. But when the terrazzo tiles or terrazzo look tiles have been installed in your home or office, the next thing may be maintaining them. In other words, after the designer may have done his job, you will be in charge of cleaning and maintaining the terrazzo tiles until there is a need for repair. Click here to learn more about cleaning and maintaining your Terrazzo Tiles.

By the way, fixing terrazzo tiles by yourself may not be an excellent idea because of the required skills to do a great job. However, cleaning the terrazzo tiles is up to you. Everyone who sees the place will appreciate the beauty and the tidiness. Consequently, this article expands on the methods of cleaning the terrazzo tiles or faux terrazzo tiles. In addition, it considers the general maintenance culture that you need to get the best out of your design.

If installing terrazzo tiles is relatively costly than other traditional flooring methods, the cleaning methods are easy and affordable. Let us just bear that in mind and build on it. In other words, it is straightforward to plan for a standard cleaning process for your terrazzo tiles to remove any stain that could become permanent if ignored. Another important aspect of cleaning terrazzo tiles is the portion of the house where you have them; indoor or outdoor terrazzo tiles. 

How to Clean Indoor terrazzo tiles

There is no doubt that laying terrazzo tiles on the floor of the home, office or any other place is a joy to behold. The sight already gives a good feeling of beauty once laid and tidied up, which leads us to the next part. Terrazzo tiles are straightforward to maintain, mainly because dirt and grime can only accumulate when the cleaning process is not regular or efficient enough. 

In other words, when the cleaning process is constant and thorough, there won’t be room for any permanent stain on the floor. Otherwise, the accumulation of the dirt can cause many complications when it is time for cleaning. And instead of using a light cleaning method, you may have to employ some other safe and secure ways. Let us consider some of the different cleaning options.

  • You can make use of a vacuum cleaner or a light brush to first sweep the terrazzo tiles off any grit or dust. When doing so, do it systematically without leaving any portion of the surface untouched.
  • Another option is to use a specialized terrazzo tiles cleaner available from retail stores in Sydney, Australia. When washing with the cleanser, use warm water with a damp microfiber cloth or mop to clean up. Do not use cotton or sponge mops on terrazzo tiles.
  • Also, ensure to exert a minimum force to slightly grab the surface when using the mop. This way, you can gently lift off any daily grime that gathers. At the same time, note that a damp microfiber mop is far better and more efficient than a wet mop. The latter can cause streaks during the cleaning process
  • You can also prepare a solution containing a dash of methylated spirit and hot water. This homemade solution can replace the use of soap-based products. Otherwise, you may get some thin films on the terrazzo tiles and thereby attract even more dirt. 
  • Cleaning requires a patterned style from one side of the room to the other. In other words, ensure to avoid walking on the terrazzo tiles until everything has become dry. 
  • If you own a polished porcelain tile, you can use a steam mop as a durable alternative to the conventional mop
  • If there is a somewhat dull haze on the new tiles just laid, there is no reason to panic. However, simply wash it off as it may be due to the grout residue, and it is easy to remove when discovered on time. Tiles and Bath Co assures you of durable high quality, and timely supply of any required items.

How to Clean Outdoor Terrazzo Tiles

Outdoor tiles are relatively even much easier to clean than indoor tiles. The outdoor terrazzo tiles comprise the most complex materials and very responsive to polish and cleaners. Let us follow the itemized steps below.

  • Gently wet the portion of the area where you have the terrazzo tiles to add some moisture
  • Scrub or sweep the surface of the terrazzo tiles with a bristled broom
  • You can use specialized cleaner from the Tile & Stone Company as an ideal option for removing mild grime from your outdoor terrazzo tiles.
  • In tidying it up, hose the area and remove any leftover dirt that may still be attached to anywhere on the surface. When working on a larger surface area, divide the room into different sections and take one team at a time to clean until you finish the whole house. Start working from the surface of the wall away from it. 
  • When you encounter any issue during the cleaning process that you cannot solve, consult a stone specialist brochure for help. In addition, workmanship comes with consultation services for natural stones like the terrazzo tiles. 

Summary of Items to Clean New Terrazo Tiles

There are two essential things you remove from your terrazzo tiles, they are grout and dirt. Grouting on the terrazzo tiles may be due to cement residue, silicone leaching or any kind of accumulated dirt. Any attempt to remove the grout without spoiling the tiles must follow specific steps that include some listed items in this article. The steps to follow are not also hard at all, while the hardest will be waiting for the grout to dry up. Also, the following recommendations are assuming that you will work on ten square meters at a time.

  • A broom
  • A heavy scrubbing brush
  • Two buckets of warm water
  • Many buckets of cold, clean water
  • Cleaning detergent
  • A wet vacuum cleaner
  • Phosphoric acid cleaner