Inspirational Ideas on the use of Terrazzo Tiles

Are you planning on revamping your property or build a new one with terrazzo tiles? Then this article can help you. We perceive that many builders love the dream of what terrazzo tiles can do to both the interior and the exterior of a building. But what is missing is the right idea or inspiration for the same. Whether towards the interior parts of the house, such as table slabs, kitchen slabs, dining table, bathroom walls, and the rest, terrazzo tiles form the new way to go in interior decorations. You can know more detail about Terrazzo Tile by visiting at

On the other hand, you may enjoy terrazzo tiles better on the exterior parts of the house. In making that happen, you need the right creative ideas. Meanwhile, one thing about ideas is that it does not just jump out of ‘nowhere’ all the time. At times, what we refer to as a new idea actually stemmed out of an existing one. So, in the context of decorating with terrazzo tiles, you may start with a completely new design or modify the current configuration to fit your specific needs.

Below are some of the inspirational ideas that can promote your terrazzo tiles concept and installation.

Terrazzo Pouring for Bathroom Countertops

Depending on the kind of house, you may want to have a solid and smooth countertop made of terrazzo tiles. However, many people may otherwise not know that even if Terrazzo is available as tiles, it can also be cast in-situ as a whole slab. In such cases, fabricating the slab will involve concrete as the base material in which the entire collection of chips are mixed. The mixture of concrete is then poured out on the granite, marble, and other stone chips.

Meanwhile, all the chips must have already been laid out in the right arrangement and seamless form. After the pouring has been done carefully and professionally, you can then begin to smoothen out the poured concrete on the slab into a seamless finish. This mixture molds itself around the edges and curves of the particles. Apart from the countertop of bathrooms, you can also use Terrazzo for the basins, which involve wrapping it around the edges of the surface.

Mounting Terrazzo on the Kitchen or Dining Areas

Apart from using the bathroom terrazzo tiles or slab, we can also produce an in-situ terrazzo cast for the kitchen countertop or basins. The kitchen counters need to be strong and be able to bear a reasonable weight. Therefore, you can build the terrazzo slab to support the weight of objects in use in the kitchen. It may also be employed in designing the kitchen furniture, including the cabinet. 

Apart from the kitchen countertops and cabinet, how about casting Terrazzo on the backsplashes and other parts, just to make the whole view more beautiful. You may even decide to cast it on the kitchen sink entirely or while leaving the aluminum or marble top. Also, you can use the same method for breakfast areas and the dining room table, which also has to be a firm, fanciful, durable, and attractive surface.

Creating Decorative items with Terrazzo

Terrazzo tiles and slabs are not limited in use to definite places such as tabletops and shelves. You can also use them in creating fanciful items. In more than a few ways, various interior designers have experimented with Terrazzo to form different shapes and sizes of objects. For instance, the Scandinavian prototypes of terrazzo flower pots and other valuable tools still remain relevant. Therefore, Terrazzo can help build accent pieces such as coasters, flower vases, and other decorative items in the home. 

Furthermore, considering the material’s versatility, you can also create terrazzo boxes as much as you can imagine them. And as against the initial fear, these objects don’t have to be heavy. You can develop lampshades, paperweights, and wall murals of diverse colors of Terrazzo. Alternatively, you can make use of broken terrazzo tiles while exploring other objects from your creative mind. 

Terrazzo Tiles as Staircases or in Flooring 

No doubt, perhaps the most common use of terrazzo tiles is in different flooring places, be it residential or commercial. However, apart from the floor of rooms, extended use may also involve integrating on to staircases. There are two options to making staircases out of Terrazzo. The first one is to create terrazzo tiles and install them on the existing structure of wood or concrete. 

On the other hand, you can cast a fresh terrazzo slab to make the staircases from scratch. The method is similar to the one we first mentioned. First, you need to pour out concrete on terrazzo chips, the process of which may be in-situ or ex-situ, laid with terrazzo tiles. Moreover, the use of Terrazzo in this structure can really be strong and durable for a long time. However, you may have to take caution on the slippery part, which you can read more on in this article.  

The Do’s and Don’ts of Terrazzo in Interior Decorations

We have discussed the unique features of using Terrazzo to decorate your house’s interior and exterior. But we need to open up on some of the dos and don’ts of using Terrazzo. One of the primary reasons we need to touch it is that people quickly go overboard with Terrazzo. Whereas excess Terrazzo in the house may look too monotonous as a design. Although it is fair enough to have terrazzo material here and there but indeed not everywhere.

Moreover, if you want to make the room look very cool and attractive, you may just blend in your terrazzo objects against plain surfaces. In that way, you remove the risk of distraction and enhance Terrazzo’s beauty at the same time. However, this strategy involves ensuring that the colors you are combining match well together. Perhaps, this reason is enough inspiration for you to create neutral backgrounds or white terrazzo tiles. 


In conclusion, hardly any interior or exterior designer would not enjoy working with Terrazzo due to the material’s versatility. At the same time, the interior space allows a design that brings out the creativity and artistic gifts of the designer. Finally, there is a way the arrangement and setting of a house using terrazzo speak of the house’s personality. It can tell if they enjoy minimal and straightforward or they like it loud and wild.