Safer, more cost-effective than lead

Haus Profi products. The cost-effective,
safe alternative to lead.

Haus Profi products offer professionals across the industry a range of advantages over using lead for a wide range of applications.

They are the perfect replacement for lead flashings and can be fitted for new-builds, re-roofs, repairs or built into brickwork for step flashings. They also ideal for to seal penetrations in underlays, solar PV and solar thermal cables, burglar alarms, satellite systems and aerials, heat extraction services, rooflights and flat roofing membranes such as single ply.

Advantages for the Contractor

•   Clean/no hazardous solution
•   Easier to carry the products on the roof compared to lead and similar products
•   Good shapeability – more flexibility to fit roof profiles and shapes
•   Requires no specialist skills or tools
•   Ready-made solution – no need for complicated preparations
•   Non-toxic – removes the need for regular blood tests that are required when working with lead

Advantages for Architects & Specifiers

•   Innovative product
•   Suitable for rainwater harvesting
•   Improved aesthetics, looks good on the roof
•   No streaking marks on the roof
•   Universal application possible on various and a complicated roof designs – gives greater freedom of design

Advantages for Merchants 

•   Less storage space needed compared to other flashing materials
•   Easy handling
•   Clean storage
•   Innovative products that offer genuine sales alternative to lead

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