Why lead-free?

Haus Profi lead-free roof flashings and accessories. Cheaper, faster, safer than lead.

Our products offer a number of clear advantages over traditional leadwork and other lead-free solutions:

• Products have been designed for use in all traditional lead applications

• Products are easy to form as they are extremely flexible and malleable and offer the added benefit of being stretchable, in some cases by 30% or more

• By being stretchable and having an adhesive backing, products provide better weatherproofing protection and can also be used as a means of repair where tiles are damaged

• Products are far less expensive than lead and quicker to install

• Products can be used at low working temperatures

• Products are light in weight and do not therefore present the health and safety problems on the roof associated with installing lead

• Products are maintenance-free and do not support accumulation of dirt or organic growth

• Products are available in colours to match commonly used tiles and slates

• No special tools are required to install products so labour costs are greatly reduced

• Materials can be cut with a knife or scissors

• Products are far lighter in weight and therefore easier to get up to and use on the roof

• Use removes any risk of lead theft

• Products are not susceptible to thermal movement so there are less seams and expansion joints

• Suitable for other roofing applications e.g. sealing around penetrations for cables to solar panels, satellite/aerial and burglar alarms as well as a flashing material for rooflights  

• Products do not rely on the use of fixing clips

• Compatible with all commonly used building materials and components

• Suitable for any flue diameter

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