Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Q  Will I need clips in the way that I do when fixing lead?
A  No, the Butyl backing used on Wakaflex and EasyFlash provides an incredibly strong bond so clips are unnecessary

Q  Can I buy products in a lead colour?
A  Yes, products are available in a lead grey colour, in addition to red, brown and darker grey anthracite

Q  What is the difference between Haus Profi products and other lead-free flashings?
A  You are right to suggest that products vary but in our experience the most notable differences are:-
• A product may not have an adhesive backing
• The degree and ease of stretchability will vary
• The end result in terms of neatness will vary
In all cases, Wakaflex in particular offers exceptional characteristics

Q   How many collar widths are needed to cover variation in flue diameter between gas, wood burner boilers?
A  Just one as the Sabetoflex collar is adjustable.

Q  How long can I expect products to last?
A  All Haus Profi products have a 10 year performance guarantee but can be expected to last significantly longer. Other products may carry a longer guarantee but we would urge anyone to check the details of it as some have been found to contain conditions which, to all practical purposes, are unlikely to be met.

Q  Are there any particular applications for which Haus Profi products are particularly valuable?
A  Yes, any double-lapped roof i.e. clay / concrete plain tiles or natural slates

Q  Are there any applications for which Haus Profi flashings are not recommended?
A  No though there will be certain buildings, particularly those with a listing, on which use of lead is a requirement.

If you have any questions regarding our products, please call our team on: 0845 600 4427 or email:, and we’ll be glad to help.