Wakaflex® Lead-free Universal Flashing

Wakaflex is a lead free, flexible, adhesive flashing designed to replace lead in most modern roofing applications.

The product has many advantages over traditional lead roof flashings and abutments for those working in the construction industry, including the simple and quick installation process and non-toxic, lightweight material.

Easy application through high stretchability in both directions of the material and has a unique product composition with a self-welding effect.


Areas of application

Suitable for:

• All wall abutments
• Chimneys and other rising parts of structures such as dormers.

Product features & benefits

  • Appearance of lead
  • Lighter than lead
  • Easy to use
  • No scrap value means Wakaflex is not at risk of theft
  • No welding required
  • Twice as fast to install as lead
  • British Board of Agrèment Certified


Colour range & Sizes

Wakaflex® is available in four colours to blend in with the roof and three different widths.

* We only stock Light Grey & Anthracite, Brown & Red are subject to order quantity.


Quick & easy installation

  • Laps should not be less than 50mm using a roller to apply pressure
  • Ensure Wakaflex is only laid on dry, dust and oil-free surfaces
  • Turn into brickwork joints or chase in by no less than 30mm. Use sealant to seal joints
  • Where the joint is large or uneven, form a welt at the back of the joint and seal with sealant as above
  • Use strips of Wakaflex folded several times as wedges into brickwork to retain the flashing in place prior to sealing the sealant
  • At top edge, abutments use Wakaflex to cover the slates by a minimum of 150mm and turn up the wall by 75mm. Fix the brickwork joints as above
  • At mansards, extend over slates on the lower roof by a minimum of 150mm. Fit a lay board and tilting fillet to the upper roof and extend flashing 150-200mm up the slope. Form a 30mm welt at the top. Nail into position at the top at approximately 150mm centres
  • Fixing instructions for use around chimneys are available
  • For use as saddles, ridge/wall junctions, fixing around roof outlets


Wakaflex® product information




Download the Datasheet                      Download Fitting Instructions    



Wakaflex Chimney Instructions       Wakaflex BBA 

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