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HP Flashing Sealant

HP Flashing Sealant

The HP Flashing Sealant has been specially formulated to work with Rapid Flashing making it adhere very well to the surfaces.

This is different to other sealants on the market, which can be used with EasyFlash and Wakaflex but generally do not stick well to its surface. It comes in a 310ml application tube that fits inside a standard caulking gun available from any merchant or DIY store.

Material:  UV resistant, Bitumen-friendly synthetic rubber (silicone free)

Colour:  Transparent  Optimal Temp: +5°C to +40°C

Storage: Cool and dry place, protected from frost 

Size: 310ml


Easyflash tape

Easyflash tape

EasyFlash tape is a multi-functional highly flexible tape. It can be used both inside and outside, creating watertight and airtight seals around penetrations, corners of roof windows or tears in underlays.

Product features & benefits 

•  Full butylon backing offers excellent adhesion and is highly resistant to ageing
•  Can be used for a multitude of applications on the roof
•  Quick and easy to use
•  Can stretch up to 70% lengthways, allowing tight seals to be created around traditionally difficult areas eg roof windows, pipe penetrations
•  Two widths: 60 & 90mm

Material: Creped coated aluminium, PET fleece, complete coating with self-adhesive butylon.

Colour:  Anthracite

Size: 60mm x 10m

Size: 90mm x 10m

HP Flashing Roller

HP Flashing Roller

The HP Flashing Roller is a simple tool to ensure you get the best finish to your EasyFlash® or Wakaflex® installation.

A 35mm stainless steel seaming roller used to finish Wakaflex or EasyFlash applications by ensuring effective contact between flashing and roof. The roller has chamfered edges to prevent the flashing from being marked or damaged.

Haus Profi recommend that EasyFlash and Wakaflex should be formed with a roller, especially to give a good connection to the surface.


M-GLUE Adhesive

M-GLUE Adhesive

M-Glue is an adhesive that allows lead-free Wakaflex and EasyFlash to be installed even when the tiles are wet.  

M-Glue comes in easy to use 290ml tubes that fit into a standard caulking gun.

The adhesive is odourless, free of solvents and phthalates, fast curing and has a remarkable resistance to weather conditions.