Mansard Roof

Mansard Roof

A mansard flashing can be achieved using Wakaflex® with a 150mm extension over the tiles or slates on the lower roof and turning under the tiles 150-200mm on the upper roof. The flashing length should not exceed 2.5m.

It is important to fit a lay board and timber fillet to support Wakaflex® and the bottom row of tiles on the upper roof. Each piece of Wakaflex® is nailed at the top at about 150mm centres. Therefore a 20mm welt is required at the top end of Wakaflex® before nailing.

The pieces should overlap the next by a minimum of 30mm, so all pieces are connected to each other and end on the lower part of the roof with a butyl-strip which seals to the tiles.

On corners, cut a direct joint on the lower part and overlap it on the upper part. Seal the lower part pf the direct joint with an 80mm strip beginning on the upper part of the mansard flashing.

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