Roof Outlet 1

Roof Outlet 1

Lead-free-roof-outletOutlets with a removable or no cap

IMPORTANT: no gas flue pipes or pipes with a temperature
higher than 100C˚.

Wakaflex® can be used to form a flashing where a pipe penetrates a roof.

The Wakaflex® slate should be laid on the roof so that the butyl-strips point to the eave. The size required for the base of the slate will vary according to the type of roof covering and diameter of the pipe. Two strips of Wakaflex® can be used together to form a larger area.

The base should extend 150mm in front and 135mm to the sides of the pipe over the tiles. The back should finish a minimum of 100mm under the tile or slate. End under the tiles with a 20mm welt. Cut a hole in the base for the pipe with a diameter 20mm smaller than the diameter of the pipe and pull the flashing over the pipe.

The stretchability of Wakaflex® will help pull the pipe through. Seal the
resulting collar with a 60mm strip of Wakaflex® by wrapping it around the
pipe. For profiled tiles the Wakaflex® base has to end in the valley of the
adjacent tile each side of the pipe.

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