Haus Profi™ lead-free products. Save time, save money. The safe alternative to lead.

Our products have a wide range of applications for both new build and renovations. Their high quality, speed of use and user safety make them the perfect alternative to lead.

Haus Profi’s innovative range of lead-free flashing products provide a simple alternative to lead for the majority of a pitched roof and other specialist applications. The products utilise the same principles of lead detailing with the added advantage that it adheres directly to the tiles.

Applying Haus Profi products is also a quick and easy process – up to 50% quicker than lead. It needs no specialist skills or tools – only a pair of scissors or a Stanley knife and a roller is needed.

The key applications for our products are:

•   Fixing into joints
•   Fixing around chimneys
•   Sidewall/Step Flashing
•   Mono to pitched roof junction
•   Horizontal wall junction
•   Top edge abutment
•   Roof outlets
•   Ridge saddle abutment
•   Mansard roofs
•   Lead rolls
•   Conservatory flashings

They are also ideal for penetrations in:

•   Underlays
•   Solar PV and solar thermal cables
•   Burglar alarms
•   Satellite systems and aerials
•   Heat extraction services
•   Rooflights
•   Flat roofing membranes such as single ply

Any questions about Haus Profi lead-free flashings? Just get in touch, we’re here to help.
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